Prospect Medical Holdings, the new operator of Fatima Hospital and Roger Williams Medical Center, says they provide “quality health care.” Federal health regulators tell a different story.

Here’s just some of what federal government health inspectors found in Prospect’s California hospitals*:

  • Shabby and incomplete record keeping on medical mistakes and prescriptions
  • Surgical tools splotched with reddish, yellow and black color substances
  • Failure to note suicide risks among psychiatric patients
  • Intensive care and medical ambulatory care units improperly staffed
  • Surgical instruments used to hold body cavities open found to be discolored with a film build-up
  • A dirty surgical unit shut down by the federal government
  • Operating room suites unsanitary, with dust and debris
  • Improper storage of biohazard waste, lab specimens and oxygen tanks
  • A widespread pattern of ineffective cleaning, disinfecting, or preventing the spread of infection
  • Failure to ensure correct pain, antibiotic and heart medications
  • Issues with how anesthesia is administered
  • No means to ensure medical staff were professionally qualified for their positions
  • Improper storage of medication
  • Patients catheterized without a doctor’s order
  • Problems found with dialysis treatments
  • A dialysis machine covered in a brownish substance
  • A defibrillator left unplugged and unable to sustain a charge in the event of a power outage

Prospect’s poor care was exposed in California.
We won’t stand for it in Rhode Island.

*According to a recent expose in Connecticut’s Journal Inquirer newspaper